The Power of Knowing Your Neighbors!

Knowing your neighbors better contributes to a more resilient, secure, and closely-knit community. Understanding their celebrations, traditions, hobbies, interests, pets, and professions fosters stronger connections and community ties.

Powerful, yet simple

Simply sign up to discover neighbors within a 1,000-meter radius, or expand your search to include your city or province. Each profile comes complete with details about celebrations and interests, making it easier to reach out. With pre-populated dates and subject lines, sending a thoughtful eCard has never been easier. Make a lasting impression with our beautiful designs and strengthen your local community—one eCard at a time.

No Cost

Connect through our free digital community hub.

Connect seamlessly with neighbors. At Zone1, we're deeply invested in community endeavors, from sponsoring young soccer teams and music camps to supporting climate change initiatives. This portal is our way of giving back to the community we cherish.


Exquisite Collection of Pre-Designed Celebration eCards.

Our platform boasts an expansive selection of beautifully crafted templates to cover all major celebrations, from birthdays to cultural and religious holidays like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Ramadan, Eid, Diwali, Holi, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Vesak, and Chinese New Year.

Ready to go

Hassle-Free Pre-Populated Dates and Details.

To simplify your life, our eCards come with pre-populated celebration dates and subject lines. You don't need to remember or look up these dates; our system handles that for you. Just review your neighbor's profile, and with a click, schedule your chosen eCard.


Unlimited Sending Without Constraints.

Your Neighbor eCard account provides the luxury of unlimited eCard sending, completely free of ads, tokens, or any other restrictions. Customize your eCards by selecting from our designs, or upload your own to add a personal touch and create your own library.


Multi-Faceted eCard Delivery Options.

Neighbor eCard ensures that your thoughtful messages reach your neighbors in the most convenient manner. Choose between sending eCards via email or SMS. Want to go social? You can also share them directly on various social media platforms.


Discover Shared Interests Effortlessly.

Find out if you and your neighbor share hobbies like cycling, fishing, or bird-watching with our 'Interest Match' feature. It's an easy way to identify common interests and perhaps even find a new buddy for your favorite activities, strengthening community bonds along the way.


Pets-Friendly Community.

Learn more about your neighbors through the lens of pet ownership. Discover who owns similar breeds or species and use this as an opportunity to share advice, tales, and even organize pet playdates. If your pet goes missing, our platform provides a space to alert your community quickly.


Showcase Your Creativity with Personalized Designs.

For those artistically inclined, our platform is a canvas for your creativity. Use your own photography, illustrations, or other media to design eCards that resonate with your personal style. Once created, these unique designs are available for you to share.


Secured and Streamlined Contact Management.

Upload and maintain your contacts securely within our portal. The benefit extends beyond your immediate neighborhood; send free eCards to family, friends, and even work colleagues. Your information and contact data is kept strictly confidential and is never shared with third parties for any reason.

Privacy Managed

Tailored Privacy Settings.

Choose exactly what you want to share with our adjustable privacy settings. Navigate to your settings to specify which details are for the neighborhood and which remain private. We prioritize your comfort and confidentiality. Enable notifications in your settings to be alerted when your sent eCards are viewed.

Happy Community Members

By leveraging the above features, you're doing more than just sending eCards; you're actively contributing to a more unified, connected community.

“Receiving eCards from my neighbors on special occasions through Neighbor eCard has added such warmth and closeness to our community. It's truly transformed how we celebrate together!”

Patty Wells
Mississauga, ON
“Neighbor eCard has been a revelation! It's bridged the gap between neighbors, making our community feel closer and more connected than ever. Highly recommended!"

Rosita Foster
Burlington, ON
“Using Neighbor eCard has truly transformed how I connect with those around me. It's a game-changer for community engagement and has brought a newfound sense of unity to our neighborhood!”

Mike Warren
Oakville, ON

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