How It Works

User-Friendly Guide

Your Guide to Using the Neighbor eCard Portal

Dive in to discover the ins and outs of connecting with your neighbors through personalized eCards, celebrating special days, and building a closer community.


Sign Up & Profile Creation

Register on our platform and create your profile. It's simple and takes only a few minutes. Make sure to indicate your interests, special occasions you celebrate, and any pet details if you have them.

Customize Privacy Settings

Before you go any further, head to the settings section to tailor your privacy preferences. Decide what information you're comfortable sharing with your community and what you'd rather keep private.

Discover Neighbors

Once you're set up, the platform will automatically show you neighbors within a 1,000-meter radius and you can add neighbors to your favorite list. You can also expand your search to a wider area, even by city or province, if you wish.

Interest Match

Review your neighbors' profiles to find shared hobbies or interests. This unique feature helps you connect on a deeper level, beyond just names and faces.

Pre-Designed eCards

Navigate to our eCard section and browse through an extensive collection of beautifully designed templates for all occasions—birthdays, holidays, thank you, and culturally specific celebrations.

Send eCards

Once you’ve selected an eCard, our system auto-populates key details like dates and subject lines. Simply review the details, add your personal message if you like, and click the 'Send' button. Your eCard will be scheduled to arrive in your neighbor's inbox or via SMS at the designated time.

Real-Time Notifications

Activate notifications to get alerts when your eCards have been viewed. This feature gives you peace of mind, knowing your thoughtful messages are reaching their intended recipients.

Pet Info Sharing

Love pets? Share details about your furry or feathered friends and discover neighbors who are also animal lovers. This is a great way to set up pet playdates or offer each other pet-care tips.

Your Own Designs

Feel creative? You can upload your own eCard designs to share with your community. Your custom eCards will be saved on the platform in your own library for future use.

Manage Contacts

To maximize the platform's utility, upload and manage your contact list. This enables you to send eCards to people outside of your neighborhood circle—be it family, friends, or colleagues. All contact data is securely stored and never shared with third parties.

Activity History

Keep track of the eCards you've sent, who's viewed them, and your overall engagement level. This personal eCard history corner lets you evaluate your interactions and contributions to your community.

Direct Connection

Don't have your neighbor's phone number or email address? No worries! Our platform has a built-in messaging feature that allows you to connect directly with your neighbors. Simply locate their profile on the platform and send them a personalized message.

Ready to dive in and start connecting?